“It appears that you are up the proverbial estuary without a means of locomotion.” –Space Quest

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Marc’s DOSBox Framework

How I use it, and what that means for all of us.


There is a configuration file in Hobbies → DOSBox. It goes in ~/.dosbox/
It contains an autoexec.bat.
It contains resolution settings so you get a bigger window.
These instructions were delivered by a robot.
You can make one of these configuration files per-game and list it as a command line parameter when you run DOSBox. (More Below in Advanced)

Above: A gameplay screen in Sea Rogue

Where stuff is located.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts

In an editor like PEdit or in DN, you can use the Alt key for navigating to menu items. Like Alt-S to save, etc.

Favorite stuff to do.

  1. Listen to MIDI files!

  2. Play Doom2...try cheat codes ;-)

  3. Play PGA Tour Golf…

  4. Use PEdit

Interesting Software

To-Do List

Advanced Stuff

Using DOSBox for “standalone apps” you can launch directly from your desktop

You can do this. Here is the method:

Mounting a CD-ROM image

Convert a BIN file to ISO format in Linux


Free Software for DOS (FSFD)

Ideas for Use, Play, and Learning


I mean, some of these are on IA, too...which might make them easier to play...

Arcade: Alien Rampage; Realms of Chaos

Dungeon crawls: Rogue, etc.

Flight sims: MS, Jane’s USNF, Aces of the Pacific? Others? Helicopter flight sims? Gunship? Hind? Etc.? Space: X-Wing?

Other Space: Rebel Assault; Elite; Space Rogue; Starflight; MAX Mechanized Assault and… ;

Racing: Grand Prix II; Slipstream 5000; Screamer Rally; GT Racing; Fatal Racing; Network Q Race Rally

RPG: Curse of the Azure bonds? Rogue; Eye of the Beholder

Strategy: Armored Fist? Steel Panthers? Airborne Ranger? Caesar II, Imperium Galactica, Capitalism

Simulation: SimCity 1989?

Other: Skyroads; Erik Pohl’s Gateway; Links 386 Pro;


Admin: Cron jobs possible? Interesting? Cron runs QB which updates some information which…? FTP possible? Hmmm!

Music: Play some mod files? Create some? Compose MIDI?

Publishing: Try a website builder?


2019-09-19: Updated.

2018-08: Started. --Marc Carson