“Take me out, to the ball game.”

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Marc’s Baseball Framework

Baseball as I enjoy it…

American Baseball. (MLB)

MLB – Major League Baseball at Wikipedia

Favorite teams: Seattle Mariners (ALW) (Tw), Oakland A’s (ALW) (Tw), San Francisco Giants (NLW) (Tw), Washington Nationals (NLE) (Tw)

2018 Season and Standings

Yahoo Sports MLB

Japanese Baseball. (NPB - Puro Yakyuu)

NPB – Nippon Professional Baseball at WikipediaBaseball in Japan

Yahoo.co.jp Pro BaseballTeamsStandingsPlayer Stats

Favorite teams: Chunichi Dragons, Yomiuri Giants, Hiroshima Carp,

Mexican Baseball (LMB)

LMB on Wikipedia

Favorite teams: Tomateros de Culiacan (Tw)

Favorite stuff to do.

  1. Listen to games on local stations: 96.3 FM (A’s) and 99.5 FM (Giants)

  2. Watch highlight clips on Twitter

  3. Watch highlights on e.g. Youtube

  4. Simulate games

  5. Play baseball video games

    1. Find some simple ones and master...probably Genesis

      1. Triple play 96 – widely considered great and even best.

        1. I mean it’s not bad but leaves something to be desired. Maybe learn it. lol

      2. MLBPA fun but not sim as much as World Series 95 or 96. 96 is a favorite.


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