Topic: The Shoe Scene (Yet Again)

I made several changes to this scene, especially with the lightning. I used spline mesh panels with a white emissive texture.

I also did some post processing to deepen the colors.

Shoes 1

Shoes 2

I also made an animation that is similar to this teaser trailer of the Cinderella movie:

Disney's Cinderella Official Teaser Trailer

However I will not be able to render it on my laptop. I will try to render a few seconds of frames every day, so it might take a week or two to render the whole animation as it takes about five to ten minutes per frame of size 683x384 to render. So a 60 second animation at 30fps will have 1800 frames. At an average of 7.5 minutes per frame, it is going to take a while.  icon_eek

I think the animation will look really nice once it is done, with all the reflections and shadows etc.

Hope you like it.  smile

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Re: The Shoe Scene (Yet Again)

Version 2!

I changed the shoe and cleaned up the mesh. I think this version looks much better.

New Shoes 1

New Shoes 2

Hope you like it.  smile

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Re: The Shoe Scene (Yet Again)


So you made them like the real princess-shoes!   teacher

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Re: The Shoe Scene (Yet Again)

that last post of shoe images, the reflections are very top notch and the way they capture multiple angles of the scene with the different colors shining back is one of the better ideas I've seen cooked up on a hobby graphics forum... well done !

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Re: The Shoe Scene (Yet Again)

I like your lighting balance on these.

Personally, I prefer the smooth surface, but faceting has its own fun.

5-10 minutes a frame? That seems like a lot for that resolution. If you don't mind me asking, what are the specs (Processor, RAM) for your laptop? And what rendering settings are you using?

Would there be any reason _Not_ to leave your laptop plugged in and rendering overnight?

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