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After messing with textures over the weekend and digging into AoI deeper, I finally figured out how to use equation expressions a little more powerfully than before.

The experiment started when I wanted some more powerful texturing features in AoI, similar to the 3d paint in blender, but defined mathematically maybe.  I was originally going to use small image maps of dots and position them over and over with blended image maps, but that proved very unwieldy.  I had more success with tiled image maps, I could do functions of x or y with the tiled maps scaled down quite well.

Finally after experimenting and digging alot in the manual for expressions in the procedurals, I figured out how to define some equations almost as powerfully as I have done in the past with povray.

This attached image is a color function powered by the spherical expression:


I'm currently hooked on playing around with these spiral type equations I used to make in povray, I'm going to try to get some interesting materials out of this too, but for now textures are quite fun.

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Wow. That looks really cool.  smile

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