Topic: ArtOfIllusion nightly Builds

AOI development is continuing.

We have started to put together a basic, no-install 'nightly' build every time we have significant changes to test.

These builds will be found at the Github releases page.

I'll post in this thread periodically to let everyone know when there is a new build up. Please test as hard as you like. Better to break things at this point, than release a full version with a serious bug.

Please read all notes about a build before using it, as new features may break back-compatibility!

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Re: ArtOfIllusion nightly Builds

A New nightly tonight: Nightly 6d119b1

We're particularly looking for feedback regarding the image management interface, which has several new options.

We also have support for external, linked image files. (Thanks to Peteihis!)

This build breaks file compatibility. Please experiment on a backup file.

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