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Animation made with Art of Illusion, and sounds from my DIY synth.


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Re: A Walk on the Beach

That's a really interesting animation you've made. I like the lighthouse with its light  smile

I have also recently started playing around with low-poly modelling. One can make very interesting looking scenes with it.

How did you animate the water? Did you animate the texture or the mesh itself?

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Re: A Walk on the Beach

Thanks a lot, WolfyCL.

I tried to make everything as simple as possible, both to make it easier to work with and to keep the rendering times short. For most of the animation, the render time per frame is about 10 seconds. That's with a medium antialias at a 4(min)-8(max) setting.

The light in the lighthouse is just a single point light on the outside of the lamp, turned on and off with a visibility track.

I have done a few 3D projects over the years, and very often I end up using a lot of time trying to make everything as realistic as possible. This is not only time-consuming, but also frustrating, because the goal is often just out of reach, no matter how much work goes into it. Then there's the dreaded uncanny valley …

So this time I try to avoid all that, and I find that low-poly models and simple textures and lighting free up a lot of time to be more creative. And it suits Art of Illusion very nicely, too.

The water texture is only a simple texture animation. In a 3d procedural texture, the cells pattern (cells output) is connected to a custom gradient and then to the colour channel. As the y input to cells, I used this expression: y + 0.5 * t. Then the second output of cells is connected to the bump channel. The texture is put on a large, flat cylinder that is the water object, so no mesh animation.



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Re: A Walk on the Beach

nice work.  I would upload more animation stuff if I could come up with a reasonable soundtrack or silent theme to them, maybe I'll work on a silent one hehe.

Anyway I totally agree with the low poly thing to animate, Ive experimented a bit with this on some test renders of cartoony style scenes and it is constantly amazing how much you can do with things likes simple cubes that have animated textures and lights even.  The 3d system really is powerful... now if I ever get done with recreating 2d things in 3d maybe I'll upload something worthwhile LOL!

I've got a family member or two watching a movie nearby so will listen to this synth part of this animation later, but good work on the scenery, as usual.

EDIT: just watched with sound, and the strings were interesting but a bit creepy lol especially with the empty beach, it was a bit like something out of an old spooky movie where the main character is in a ghost town or something.

Anyway, the other reason I dont animate alot is my sorry upload speed for sites like youtube... much more comfy uploading jpegs than movies.

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Re: A Walk on the Beach

Thanks for watching and listening, doomseer.

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