Topic: dates incorrect after 2017?

at least my post that says January 1, 2016 should be 2017

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Re: dates incorrect after 2017?

I think you're referring to this:
http://www.friendlyskies.net/aoiforum/v … 315#p23315

It seems to be a glitch.
I bet it was still 2016 somewhere in the world when you made that post, and that's why it got messed up like that..

It seems it's only couple of posts in that thread that got the wrong year in the date, so nothing big is broken.

Unfortunately I have no tools to fix that for now.
Maybe Marc can check it at some point, but he's a busy man. smile

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Re: dates incorrect after 2017?


One time a few years back, when I posted here something on new years eve, it did just the opposite. It pushed the date a year ahead. big_smile

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