Topic: 2d color page made in AOI 3.0.2

used curves to trace over one of my old 3d renders as a reference image, then turned them all into tubes to get the result with ortho/parallel camera angle.  Wanted to show here how AOI could also be used as a pretty effective 2d vector app, not necessarily with SVG fancy stuff, but still effective in content creation  hypnodisk   Especially usefull on my old PCs where AOI runs faster than inkscape and gimp.

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Re: 2d color page made in AOI 3.0.2


Makes me think that some things like Bezier curves or somethig of that kind with better control over the geometry could be useful for this kind of stuff. And why not for many other purposes as well...

BTW this also shows one short coming of tube-objects: The mesh creation does not handle sharp edges in a very smart way.


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