Topic: Information about 3D-printing formats?


I just started a 3D-printing course. One day a week, 10 days total. Some classroom lessons, some practical work ... and every participant (15) gets to choose a topic to write/prepare a treatise on and present it to the group.

I thought my topic could be related to the 3D-printing formats. For example how they can handle a situation when you need to add modeled data to scanned surface information (without having to model the whole piece). Like with .stl you probably could just join two stl-files in a text-editor, but how do you then make sure that the portions match ....

I'm asking, if anybody knows www-sites, published papers etc. that could help to build a picture of where the world is with them at the moment. You don't need to actively search for them, that's my job.  Just if you know already or bump into something, I'd appreciate if you could share what you know. 



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Re: Information about 3D-printing formats?

I dont know much about scanning, but I do run across 3d printing stuff from time to time with my action figure and toy hobby, and most of the guys making customized parts or entirely new toys with 3d printing are into shapeways, which I am not heavily familiar with but am interested in its software side.

http://www.cnet.com/news/transformers-m … s-team-up/


I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything that might pop up though.

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