Topic: new rendering setup

my old laptop got too much dust in the fans and so now I am setting up another computer I had that was overclocked too high and got the ram fried, found out the PCI latency was too fast so I set it much lower.

I've been reading some cloud computing books lately and also some books about the life of Seymour Cray and how he managed some of his ideas.

So now I am using an old ASUS motherboard, I previously had overclocked to 750MHz but now its at 350MHz.

I also disabled my L1 and L2 Cache (old celeron P3/3) the mobo is from about 99 or 2000 and I got the latest BIOS and all for it.

It isn't very fast but I set it up with a minilinux called Damn Small Lilnux 4.4.10, which is easily one of my favorite Distros, its kind of outdated but it runs very well on this PC.

Anyway it might be a while before I get AOI running on this thing, having problems with java libs right now.

I do have the latest linux povray running on it and tested it on sombrero scene included, rendered in 14 seconds at 320x240 big_smile.

Anyway I hope I will be able to get my AOI running somehow, might have to emulate it or something.  Might make a secondary environment with a virtual chroot disk like I used to do on the older laptop.

So long story short is old handmedown laptop is fried from dust, gotta use much older PC, but luckily DSL linux comes with mtPaint and some other cool stuff so I am good to go already for POVRay.

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