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I had no time to model characters this last months, but i want to show my latest drawings.

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That is nice work, especially considering the complexity of the depth order. (things in front of other things) I can tell what most of the picture is but what are the large blue flower things at the ends of the trees?  Just random toon flowers?

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Those flowers and all the stuff in general haves to do with decorative art (and naive, of course, inspired in Henry Rousseau). So, there's no really an intention of 3d space here (or not entirely), but a drawing game with some licences ( i mean nature rules i broken ). The flowers, anyway, pends from an up space i'm not showing, as i'm not showing the deepest jungle (but a black patch). Somehow the result reminds me on a festive scenario.


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I bow to your superior epicness.  big_smile

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