Topic: Weekend contest! "Toast"

This is a quick contest and should not be taken too seriously.

Subject: "Toast"
This may help

Contest starts today, Friday May 29th, and ends some time before next friday depending on many things such as if someone asks for more time or so...

You can join any time before this contest closes

Create something out of the given subject using AoI and other tools. Post your masterpiece to this thread. Anything goes. Be creative and collaborative.

Subject word is taken from here. to be our subject and post it in this post.

If you're about to participate, raise your hands and reply to this post.

"With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine."


Re: Weekend contest! "Toast"

I jumped right in

I'm on a wireless router so I'm kinda slow (duh.. *drool*)
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Re: Weekend contest! "Toast"

Oh good we have all week.  I think i could make somthing.

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Re: Weekend contest! "Toast"


log out or log off?