Topic: walking character.

This is my first actor on scene. I defined the poses that Julien explains in the walking tutorial. And here he is, walking.


@Peteihis: I set the Max Ray Tree depth in 10 this time for the first segment, and the black lines are here again.

And before reading your comments about the cameras, I set 3 and filmed the movie by segments, changing the camera when up tho render.

I´ll try the other method, so to produce the whole movie in a single sesion. But how? If i press Ctrl+C in Weight  Position of the camera, and then i move the camera it doens´t function. Where´s a tutorial?


Ps: funny things happends! This picture is a result of two different poses superpoused. Ja ja ja!

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Re: walking character.

Nicely eerie smile

funny things happends!

When several gestures are combined the result can get rather distorted. or if you use gesture weightt greater that 1.0 and so on.  You could probably limit the movements of the bones in the bone-editor to prevent surprises.... Or just be careful smile

But how?

You'll need to add a new set of pose and rotation tracks to the camera that you are using.

Then temporarily disable the original ones and create the movements into the new tracks as if of "camera two". Double click the track name(s) to edit the properties of the track, and make sure, they are "Absolute". Then open the weight tracks, and edit their properties so that the smoothing method is "Discontinuous".

Now you can enable the original tracks.

What you should see is that the original tracks do not have any effect at this point. (The original ones should be on the bottom of the list.)

Then make keyframes to the weight tracks of new pose and rotate tracks and shift the weight value between 0.0 and 1.0. At weight 0.0 the camera follows the original track. At 1.0 it follows the new track. ....and at 0.5 it would calculate the average of them, but that hardly would makes much sense to use.

You can check the content of each track by pressing the "curve button" on the right of the animation score.

I don't remember if there is a tutorial to this....

...there's more to the picture than meets the eye...


Re: walking character.

Que chido! I remember when I first tried to do poses the same thing happened with the funny twisting and stuff. 
Nice video.

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