Topic: Monthly space game art contests

I really like playing the (free!) browser-based massively multiplayer space simulation game Pardus (http://Pardus.at).  They started up monthly art contests, with the categories of hand-made, written, and *ahem* computer-made.

You need to be a member of the game to enter the contest (and should have a good feel for the Pardus universe and ships before you enter), and the prize is only glory and a medal for your character, but it could still be fun.  smile  I just wanted to mention it for any other strategy gamers out there who are looking for one more place to spend their free time!

The contest is relatively new, so they don't have much art yet, but one of the computer-made categories that I liked the best is: http://www.pardus.at/index.php?section=contests&c=3

I haven't entered anything yet, but I might if an interesting category comes up.

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