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ok Mayid,

Nope. You just need to move the green line for the eyes to move. That's because the window needs to be "refreshed".

That did not happen for me. When I moved the green slider, (after I selected the two eyes and chose "Bind to Parent skeleton") the eyes did not move. So, I had to move them myself. Then when I slid the green slider back, the eyes stayed put!

Should I do the eyes track over or is there a way to fix this? What should I have done in order to make it work correctly?

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I have to recognize that several times i had problems moving the eyes. Pete explained me the general workflow to achieve the movement, and here you have one of that explanations (see fifth message):
http://sourceforge.net/projects/aoi/for … ic/3574217

That was regarding to poses, but should also work with a skeleton track and even without any special track.

Anyway, here's a video i just made to should a simple procedure. It's my first Wink experience by the way:

http://www.artofillusion.com.ar/img_al_ … ngEyes.htm

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Re: Horse - animation

Thanks for that animation Mayid. I will have to study that and try parenting the eyes again.

Meanwhile, this is my little animation that I just did (but I had to move the eyes myself as I previously said. I will have to start over with the eyes later.)

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Very nice movements. Congratulations.

[ i don't know about my video. I uploaded it but i just cannot see it! ]


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That's funny that you can't see it. I saw it fine and I saved a copy of it for my reference.

I think I know what I did wrong. It was the way that I had the eyes and body selected. I'm going to have to straighten up a few things (at least I hope I understand it, lol. )

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Well, now i can see the video. It was a a bandwidth problem. Anyway, it takes a lot to load a 10mb video...

I quite hesitate when moving the mouse in the movie, don't i? But if you know the steps then you can follow them:

- create the objects
- parent them
- add a skeleton to the parent and bind points to skeleton
- select parent and children and bind children to parents bones

As you can see in my presentation, a couple of trucks are added for each children. You don't have to configure anything else. Just move the skeleton (make some keyframes if needed) and then move the green time line.

Hope this will be useful for someone else too, since you have it solved.


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Hey guys... It's about 2:25 here... so the responsiblity of what I'll say will be yours...

But hey: Believe or not,  have been working on Mr. HorseE .. mostly in my mind, but now I have a horde of screen captures of what I would do ... (actually I'm not so sure, what the word "horde" means, but I have seen it being used in a context rather similar to this one...

scratchchin )

So far I actually have only been working on the mesh itself, so that it would cause less surprises when animating. I'm pretty much done with that. And I briefly tested the rigging as well and it looked promising... The problem is that turning expeiences into a readable and repeatble form does not happen by itself either.... I'll do my best on that issue.

Hey Bobbie: That's a pretty well made model and you have paid attention to detail in some places, that I only noticed after I had ... destroyed your thinking. -- But I'll try to publish something on this weekend.

(Sorry. I can not seem to help it, but all my projects seem to turn so megalomanic, that I eventually end up giving up. I'd sicerely hope, that this one wouldn't be one of those...)



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Re: Horse - animation

I made a new video. This one has comments on it, and a real example.
http://www.friendlyskies.net/aoiforum/v … 079#p19079


Re: Horse - animation

Thanks for that video too, mayid! I saved that one also for my future reference.

So, I fixed the parenting of the eyes and the mane so now, when I move the green slider, both the eyes and the mane move with the head. I'm happy with that now.

Peteihis: Yup, I wanted good detail and I got some great advice from a fellow artist on deviantArt. Her username is roocat. big_smile (I think I gave you the link to the critique, didn't I? Here it is again just in case: http://gymnart.deviantart.com/art/Horse-165393896 )

Now I have a new problem. When I fixed the horse a bit and I had to move a few objects, now when I preview the animation, the camera view is not how I set it up. The animation insists on showing the side view, not what you see in the camera pane. How do I fix this?

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Re: Horse - animation

Here is a picture:

So, there's a problem with the camera, right?
Another edit (these frequent edits can drive you guys nuts I'm sure, lol. Sorry about that.)
I added a pose track and keyframed the camera and that seemed to fix it up to the 5.0 second mark. Then it [the camera] jumps back to the side view again. You see a side view "blip" in the preview animation. This is such a weird problem.

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Re: Horse - animation

now when I preview the animation

Something similar happened to me today when making the video. Also altering a bit the height of the window disturbs the camera rectangle. But i'm not sure it was about changing the view.

Now i tested it again. First shoot was ok. The i just altered the last frame, and the view previewer camera messed up. It's weird. But it's not related to configuration. It's just that the first time it works but from the second it doesn't. I'll report this.

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Re: Horse - animation

Thanks for reporting it. I just don't have the right words to give the exact info for reporting bugs.

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Same happens to me. But i did it anyway.

I'd really like to see a new AoI release just to fix bugs.

Here's the link to the bug tracker thread:
https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=d … tid=115063

I also made a video for Peter to see the bug easier:
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xecz0n … error_tech

But the video don't explains all. I found that after the second preview, if you try to move the Front view then the Camera view gets altered. yikes(


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Before this all happened, like I said, I just fixed how the eyes, mane, and tail were placed in the list (parenting them and binding them to parent bones) and after that when I viewed it in the preview, the horse's position jumped and overlapped the non-actor horse, so I moved them so that the scene would look right (I just moved things along the z axis so that they were not overlapping.) Then the previewer insisted in showing only the side view and ignoring the camera view.

I just now tried to move the front view like you said but, the previewer still ignores the camera position and insists on showing only the side view.

I also tried another experiment: I copied and pasted the horse into another new project. When I previewed the animation, the same problem happens, the camera position is ignored. I even started rendering a movie just to see if it would do as the preview did. My guess was right, the movie render did follow what the preview does, ignoring the camera position.

Does this mean that my project is junk now and I must start over? sad  I'd hate for all that work to be for nothing. sad

P.S. I added my "two cents" to the bug tracker.

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Re: Horse - animation

I'm adding another experimentation experience to this list:
I tried adding another camera, adjusted it's view to how I wanted it, deleted the previous camera 1, renamed camera 2 to camera 1, then tried the animation preview. Same problem, the preview ignored the camera position and "insisted" in showing a side view.

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