Topic: How to use Eclipse IDE to develop AOI, thanks a lot!

Hi everyone

I download the code of AOI form the Web, the file name is ‘aoisrc261.zip’. After extracting the directory structure is as follows

Beanshell.jar(jar file)
Buoy.jar(jar file)
Buoyx.jar(jar file)
Classes.jar(jar file)
Jogl.jar(jar file)
ArtOfIllusion.xml(xml file)
HelpPlugin.xml(xml file)
OSSpecific.xml(xml file)
Renderers.xml(xml file)
SPManager.xml(xml file)
Tools.xml(xml file)
Translators.xml(xml file)
HISTORY(Txt file)
LICENSE(Txt file)
README-source(Txt file)

My programming environment is ::WindowsXP, eclipse Version: 3.4.1
Operation is as follows:
1.    open eclipse
2.    Select workspace: C:\MyJavaTestForAOI
3.    select "FIle | new | Project" and select "Java project from existing Ant build    file",click “next”
4.    Then the Ant buildfile Browse to my AOI source file(C:\MyJavaTestForAOI\AoIsrc261).
5.    Then select a file named “ArtOfIllusion.xml”
6.    Click “Finish” button.
7.    Then eclipse will import the AOI project.
8.    When finished,I find some “errors” and “warnings”.
9.    Then select the AoIsrc project, select "Project | Properties|Java Build Path|Libraries", and use the "Add  External JARs" button to the jars " jmf-2_1_1e.jar " which download from the Web.Click OK,then eclipse rebuild the project automatically.
10.    The result is all “errors” disappeared but the “warnings” still remain.
11.    So I list the “warnings” as follows:
Type 1:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
ArrayList is a raw type. References to generic type ArrayList<E> should be parameterized    KeystrokeManager.java    ArtOfIllusion/src/artofillusion/keystroke    line 37    Java Problem

Type 2:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
Class is a raw type. References to generic type Class<T> should be parameterized    ArtOfIllusion.java    ArtOfIllusion/src/artofillusion    line 150    Java Problem

Type 3:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
Classpath variable 'JRE_LIB' in project 'ArtOfIllusion' is deprecated: Use the JRE System Library instead    ArtOfIllusion        Build path    Build Path Problem

Type 4:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
Collection is a raw type. References to generic type Collection<E> should be parameterized    ValueSlider.java    ArtOfIllusion/src/artofillusion/ui    line 178    Java Problem

Type 5:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
Comparator is a raw type. References to generic type Comparator<T> should be parameterized    KeystrokePreferencesPanel.java    ArtOfIllusion/src/artofillusion/keystroke    line 164    Java Problem
12.    Because of no errors existing,I attempt to run this AOI project by this way:
13.    Select “Run As|Java Application”. For a while, eclipse comes out a window named “Bsh Console”,then it stoped.
14.    Select “Run As|JUnit Test”. For a while, eclipse comes out a window says “No test found with test runner ‘JUnit 3’”,then it stoped.

So There are two questions need to consult.

The first,I do not know  how to use eclipse open the AOI project. Or how to open AOI project with eclipse with no warning.

The second,I do not know how to run the AOI project.


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Re: How to use Eclipse IDE to develop AOI, thanks a lot!

I need a step by step manual on how to OPEN BUILD and RUN AOI source code by eclipse or other JAVA IDE.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: How to use Eclipse IDE to develop AOI, thanks a lot!

Create a new project and import AoI files into the project using the project wizard. Use project from existing ant buildfile. Locate ArtOfIllusion.xml build file and use it to create the new project. If I understand correctly, that's what you did. You also load external libraries so everything should run fine.

Ignore warnings. At least those ones. They're generated by "legacy" code which was fine prior to Java 1.5 but generated warnings when checked against 1.5 syntax (namely generics).

In order to run AoI, go to project properties for your Art of Illusion project. Add a new launch configuration, name it AOI or Art of Illusion or whatever. Enter the project name in the configuration, then the name of the main class, ie artofillusion.ArtOfIllusion. A Search... will usually locate it for you. Enter arguments as you wish, for me it's -Xmx512m to avoid running out of memory during testing. Don't forget external libs such as jmf.jar and jogl.jar, gluegen.jar for OpenGL. After closing the dialog, you can then double click on the project to run it or on the 'play' green arrow.



Re: How to use Eclipse IDE to develop AOI, thanks a lot!

Hi fpqui
Thanks a lot. I will try it first.

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