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Hi folks. This is my first post on the forums. I work for an architecture firm in Portland, Oregon. Some of you may know my co-worker, another regular around here and the SourceForge AoI forums, Nathan Koren (aka skybum). This is my second real project with AoI.

Recently, we were tasked with visualizing a Smart car dealership in a long, narrow space. This project began on Monday, around 3:00 p.m. It had to be completed by Thursday around 1:00 p.m. We had very few design constraints aside from a general look and feel and a necessary white "Smart car wall". The project took about 30-35 man-hours start-to-finish. We've received permission from the client to show off the work we performed, and so, here are the two best shots from the five-shot set.



Render 1
Render 2

The modeling was performed in Sketchup, which I'm comfortable with. The smart car model was, fortunately, found in the sketchup 3d warehouse. The couches/chairs were found, free of charge, from another site (can't remember where). The rest of the space -- as simple as it is -- was modeled by me. Textures were mainly provided by Nathan, re-used from older projects, with minor tweaking by myself for various effects. This was fortunate, as the project could not have been completed on time otherwise.

These renders were done in two passes: one as low-ish res GI (aa: 4 min 16 max, 1280x1024, 8 rays per pixel, max 8 bounces, ~0.03 minimum brightness) with a render time of approximately 9 hours on a 1.83ghz Core Duo. The second pass was a straight ray trace with the light levels bumped up, maximum AA 4/32, at 2560x2048 -- ~2 hour renders. The two were composited and color corrected in Photoshop. Nathan added the bloom effect in PS on the second render.

In the end, the client's expectations were exceeded, and he was very, very happy. Just though I'd show off just what AoI can do in tight time-frames and for professional work.

Thanks for looking, folks!

-Tony Wooster

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Absolutely stunning!  *shakes head in amazement*  I'm in awe!

Thanks for sharing.



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Thanks for the great pictures, Tony!

And not only the pictures: You describe a perfect example of how a well lead project utilizes all the resources. Always happy to hear those stories. smile

Your rendering and post processing tips are also very welcome to us who are here just for the fun of it.

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Wow, those are some excellent renders! The textures are done really well...I like the floor a lot. The .obj export from Sketchup seems to work well too.

The concept of rendering in passes like you did seems pretty smart too. Thanks for sharing!

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Tony - would you or can you allow using the link to these pictures in another forum?
I just need some "marketing pictures" in another forum from time to time.

There is an visible (but only if very picky) amount of noise in the picture. May I asked with what kind of settings they were rendered?


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unbeleivable, some guys in my tech graph class got sketchup. i dont like how it works personally. looks like its capable of more than i thought. seems to have a lot of gliches though.
great work

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*shakes head in amazement*

I am in awe. The architecture office that I provide IT services for are certainly not up to this standard. I've emailed a link to this thread to the director. (This should not be a cause of concern for you or your client, as we are in Australia, and unlikely to compete with you on anything any time soon smile

Seeing these results also gives developers a real glow inside. So long as people continue to use the features taht are being coded, and show results like this for inspiration, then AOI will certainly continue to progress. It's always pleasing to see another happy customer smile

Thanks again for sharing!


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Thanks for all the friendly responses. I really appreciate all of the compliments. In turn:

Fencepost: Thank you!

peteihis: Thank you. FYI, the rendering step on Wednesday night actually utilized some five computers of varying capability to accomplish, otherwise the timeframe would've been impossible.

marcc: The .obj export works decently. There are some weird issues, namely: Scaling issues... I can't remember what I had to scale by to get a rough 1 unit to 1 foot ratio, but it was odd. Texturing issues -- Sketchup texturing works by way of specificity: A group can have a texture, which applies to all faces in the group, and then a face within that group can have a texture, etc. This isn't handled very well by either AoI or the .obj format, I'm not sure which. Finally, the most apparent problem is that the import results in a lot of duplication. I can explain the issue in more depth if req'd, but let's just say I had to delete about 95% of the objects in my object list after import.

Vidiot: Yes, please do link to these images. All publicity for both AoI and my firm is a good thing. smile I think I explained the rendering settings up top pretty clearly. The noise comes from the GI blend. This allowed us to achieve good tonality, and the raytrace was used to "fill in the gaps". There is also a straight raytrace which turned out pretty decent, but isn't shown here. When we get this project officially up on our site, I'll post a link. Also, I think a little bit of noise adds to realism -- the problem with straight RT is that it's TOO clean.

aido179: Sketchup is actually quite powerful for architectural and design projects. I wouldn't recommend it for organic modeling. But then, I wouldn't yet recommend AoI for architectural modeling. We have done some very complicated scenes in Sketchup, and it's handled it decently. The scripting support is a huge bonus, too.

Nik: Thanks! The real trick with all of this is getting the textures right. Once you have a decent library of procedurals, it's not very hard to get a good looking scene, IMO. This is the area where AOI excels beautifully.

One more detail about the project: The light rig was one point light, bluish cast, out and above the space with 0 decay to approximate the sun, and 8 point lights inside the space with a large radius to provide an ambiance.

Thanks again folks!

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this is nice...:)

AOI looks like a useful professional tool...


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Can we have the file??

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